PFAC Offers Members Several Benefits Including:

One Fiduciary, Two Fiduciary, Three Fiduciary, Four ...
By Jane Lorenz

I’m often asked to talk about the benefits of being a PFAC member. My favorite benefit is that I have gotten to know many other fiduciaries, both local and distant.

When I first began acting as a professional fiduciary, about nine years ago, I only knew one other professional fiduciary. She was very nice but kind of far away and very busy. So when a prospective fiduciary client came to me, asking for assistance, I had only two choices. One, say yes and hope for the best or two, send them away, and wish them luck! It was stressful and unsatisfying!

Now, I know many other fiduciaries! Many of them have skills and experience that is very different from mine. A case that would be overwhelming for me would often be just right for one of them. It is so wonderful to be able to accept the cases that are a “good fit” and refer out ones that are not. And sometimes, it is possible to split up responsibilities and work along side another professional fiduciary.

There is lots of work today for good professional fiduciaries, and the market is getting larger everyday. I am grateful that PFAC has given me the opportunity to know other fiduciaries and to refer out cases appropriately!