PFAC offers three membership types designed for individuals and organizations, with a range of membership benefits. Please review the following education and experience requirements to determine which membership is most appropriate for you or your organization. Please also review PFAC's By-Laws and Code of Ethics which are found under the "About Us" tab.

PFAC Membership All Categories Form
Proration Of Membership Dues Chart 2017

Once you have completed your application, you can either scan and email it to or mail it to:

P.O. Box 52016
Irvine, CA  92619

GENERAL (voting rights)
Annual Membership Fee: $350.00 -General Application
Individuals applying for General Membership shall have:

ASSOCIATE (voting rights)
Annual Membership Fee: $275.00 -Associate Application
Associate Membership is designed for individuals who do not yet meet the qualifications for a General Associate Membership, but who are actively pursuing a career as a Professional Fiduciary. Associate Membership is limited to five (5) years. Extensions and modifications to these provisions shall be at the discretion of the Membership Committee. Associate Members are entitled to use the name of the Association, its initials (PFAC), or logo in their professional activities. Associate Members are required to maintain their membership status by meeting the requirements listed after Associate Membership.

AFFILIATE MEMBERSHIP (non-voting rights)
Annual Membership Fee: $250.00; Organization Fee(up to 3 people): $500; Additional people above three are an additional $300 each - Affiliate Application
Consideration for Affiliate Membership is open to applicants who wish to further the goals of PFAC while working in a profession affiliated to the fiduciary industry. Affiliate members are not licensed fiduciaries. Affiliate members shall be entitled to use the title "Affiliate Member of PFAC," attend meetings, conferences, and receive mailings, excluding voting-members-only meetings. They will be listed as affiliates in the roster, but shall not use the PFAC logo in relation to their professional activities. Affiliate members are required to conduct themselves according to State requirements as well as to comply with the PFAC standards and ethics policies.

Requirements to Maintain Your PFAC Associate or General Membership:

Failure to comply with all requirements yearly or a breach of fiduciary duty as determined by this organization's Ethics Committee and later ratified by the Board of Directors, may result in automatic removal from PFAC's membership.